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  1. Go to the GRIDview Log in page here:
  2. On that page select the “Sign Up” option shown below:first
  3. Enter your user name (Usernames can only contain letters, numbers and underscores). Then enter Your Password (passwords must contain 1 or more unique uppercase characters, must contain 1 or more unique digits¬†1 or more unique uppercase characters). Click “Confirm”sign up 1
  4. You will see the following message:sign up
  5. Go to your email and follow the link provided:email sign up
  6. Click the link and confirm your email:confirm email
  7. Now enter your credentials to log in. The dashboard will appear as shown below:dash
  8. Go to the drop down menu that says “Logged in as [your username]” and select “Change Account Settings”:dash2
  9. The following page will appear where you can select ‘Set up Two-Factor Auth”:settings
  10. Confirm on the next page that you wish to enable Two-Factor Authentication
  11. Press next on the following page to get started
  12. Select the “Token generator” option on the next page:settings4
  13. The following page will appear with a QR code. Use the App “Google Authenticator” on your smart phone, and scan the QR code in the application. The application will generate a token for you to enter as shown:qr code
  14. Now the Two-Factor Authentication is enabled. You can also add a phone number if you wish.
  15. Now when you log in, you will enter your credentials. Then you will be prompted to enter the token generated by the Google Authenticator App:authentication