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Steps to optimize the amount of meter data logged.

View / Status 

At the bottom of the page Device Usage (month to date)

Click here for a summary of recently received data.

Optimize data log





















This data can be sorted by clicking the arrows at the top. When you have the most records showing in descending order then go through and select those that are not needed.

In this example there are only 2 meters being logged so any tag beginning with KYZ3_or KYZ4_ can be deleted.


Deleting Tags

Device / Tags

1. Export a copy of the Tag database in case you need to reverse this process.

2. Search for “KYZ3_”

3. Delete each Tag

Delete Tags

Do this for all unused meter Tags.

Other tags  such as those that total meter data ( KYZt_kWh_) should not be deleted but data logging can be turned OFF.

Turning Off Data Logging

Search for the Tags you want in the same way you did to Delete Tags and click the Edit icon next to the Delete icon.

This opens the Tag’s properties.

No Hist








Check No History and Save