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 Meter Data (Non-Precise)

Total kWh is an example of Non-Precise data. It is data collected in real time on the GRIDlink but does not need to be displayed with high granularity in GRIDview or needs to achieve the precision in time where the data points falls on the exact minute increment. It is only necessary that the data be displayed at consistent intervals set by the user to display what is occurring at a glance.




In this example we changed the Scan Delay from 0.5 Seconds to 5 minutes and then to 15 minutes to illustrate visually that small Scan Delays do not necessarily provide the user with more data.

trend BA


Here are the settings:

total kWh

Scan Delay: 5 minutes is shown here but 15 minute could be considered.

Max delay: 15 minutes to get a data point logged at least every 15 minutes even if the meter is not incrementing. This could be set up to 24 hours.

Max delay value should always be equal or greater than the Scan Delay.

If you  leave it Disabled there will be no log until the value changes by the dead band.

Dead band: 1.0


This now represents 5 minute data for Total kWh

total kWh 5m