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GRIDview allows the Time Zone to be changed to view all time stamp data in local time.















  1. Click on “change time zone” at the bottom of any GRIDview page.
  2. From the drop down select your time zone.
  3. All time stamp data will now reflect the local time.




If you would like to change the time zone in which the GRIDlink is currently at:



Home page Configuration Circled


Time Configuration


  1. From the Home page click on the configuration button on the lower left hand portion of the screen
  2. On the Configuration page you will find on the bottom Right hand side a section called “Time”
  3. Change the Time Zone to match the area that the GRIDlink is in. (ex. If the time zone you are looking for is Pacific Standard Time, you would write in -8, due to the fact that PST is 8 hours behind UTC)
  4. Once you have typed in the correct time, Click send, and when prompted, Click Yes.