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by | Aug 3, 2013 | Device-Group, GRIDview Procedures-Group, Settings

Settings determine the user interface style, update times and other important information.

Configure Devise Settings

Device > Settings

GRidview Edit Field Device

The above settings shown are the default.

Description – This is the descriptive name that will represent the device in all screens

Default Template – This defines which template will be used as the Home page when accessing the device from the Dashboard

Max Record Count – The number of all records that will be stored for all Tags combined

Max Record Ave – The Maximum time the records will be stored

Datalog Writes – The time between each datalogged record

Server Reads – The time between each connection to the server from the device

Settings Updates – The time between each time the device downloads any settings changes

Status Updates – The time between Status Page updates

Checkpoints – The time the device checks in regardless of all other settings

Storage Buffer – Location on the device where logged data is stored

Offline Tolerance – If the GRIDlink loses its Internet connection to GRIDview, this is the length of time the Server declares a disconnection and an Alarm is created. Selectable from 1 minute to 24 hours.

Write Window –  If a command is sent from GRIDview to the GRIDlink and the connection is lost, this is the length of time in which the command or data transfer is cancelled. Selectable from 5 sec to 24 hours. Disabling this is not reccomended.

If new data does not reach the GRIDlink, the Write Window will terminate the command after the set time. As a safety precaution, this would prevent the GRIDlink from executing a command hours or days later.

 Device Templates – You may choose from a selection of templates to display information about your device(s).