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Kryio (formerly NetworkFX) SSL certs are generally maintained on hand in limited quantities for new implementations on 2.0b servers.

If your VTN does not require the use of Kryio cert then skip this process.

Kryio is a X.509 Certificate which does not use a user name and password to authenticate with the VTN. This is different from 1.0 and 2.0a implementations which do not require this type of authentication to meet the standard.

New certificates with keys take about a week to obtain and are matched to the GRIDlink by an alpha – numeric ID such as GRIDLINK_0001. This is also the VEN ID (ven_id) configured in the GRIDlink INI file and the VTN.

Once received, the certs are internally decoded to obtain an X.509  Fingerprint which is sent to the Utility’s Technical Implementer in a password protected zip file.

The Technical Implementer in turn configures the VTN with this fingerprint and the VEN ID.

The cert and key are assembled into a .PEM file and loaded into GRIDlink via the secure GRIDview Cloud.

The GRIDlink should now connect to the VTN.

A copy of the .PEM files, certs and keys are saved on a drive within our network with no Internet connection.