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Create emails & text messages

Admistrative privileges are require to perform this function

Select subs

From the Dashboard select Subscriptions from the Edit Menu

New Device

Subscriptions are created by first adding a new Device in Addresses

Select either  E-mail on the drop-down and enter the email address or SMS if you wish to send an  SMS text  to a smart device.

For example a Verizon phone would look like this For other carriers Text Link

Select email

To associate the Alarm Notification to a device then add new in Subscriptions

Select device

Select the Device from the drop-down. You must create a subscription for each device and all Alarms on that device will be reported including Off Line Alerts. Only the devices assigned to your account will be shown.

Carrier Address Format
AT&T <10-digit-number>
Sprint <10-digit-number>
T-Mobile <10-digit-number>
Verizon <10-digit-number>
For other carriers Text Link

Most mobile phone carriers in the United States provide an email gateway. The following table gives the email address format for some popular carriers.

Select address

Select the Address of the email or SMS. The one you just created should appear on the list.

Select Subtype:

Instant will send a time stamped message when the Alarm changes state (ON or OFF)

Daily Digest 

  • a consolidated listing of alarms, offline events and current status at the time the report was generated.
  • generated at 09:00 EST (6:00 am Pacific Standard Time).
  • just one email per day for all subscribed devices.

Daily Data CSV

  • contains all incoming data for the past 24 hour period in a zipped CSV Excel (Comma Separated Variable) format file.
  • generated at the same time as the Daily Digest.

Weekly Data CSV

  • like Daily Data CSV, but generated every week.