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Tag Database Name

by | Dec 12, 2017 | FAQ General-Group

The tag database determines what variables or memory registers are passed up to GRIDview from GRIDlink

Device / Tags

The tag database is loaded through a csv file and the name is found as the first Name.

For efficiency only the tags for user interface and datalogging are included. If any tag used in the control logic is not included the user will not be able to see the tag value. The control logic running in the GRIDlink is unaffected by whether the tag is included in GRIDview or not.

Tag Database Naming Convention
  1. Control program revision.
  2. Fast Frequency Response control logic module (option).
  3. DR Event Scheduler module (option).
  4. Meter data module 1 – 4 meters (option).
  5. Minor revision. Changes made to deadbands, update periods or removal of unused tags which do not affect control.