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User Inputs take Several Retrys or are Slow

by | May 1, 2018 | trouble shooting user interface-group

When entering data or clicking screen buttons, the screen is slow to updates or fails to confirm the change. 

Stale Records

When a variable is changed  by a user, GRIDview will continue to post the change for the GRIDlink to pull down. If the GRIDLink fails to request an update within a configured time period GRIDview will remove it from the queue.

Any record removed can be seen in the logs as “Stale” record. See more on log


In Settings check your “Write Window”

The minimum recommended value for the Write Window is 1 minute.

See more on Settings.

If there is the occasional busy network traffic whether on the Internet or the Customer’s network then it may time out and the user feels that the response is slow. The solution is to increase the Write Window to 5 minutes or more. The command remains in the queue until the “Write Window” times out. If Disabled the command remains indefinitely.

Caution, if the Write Window is long (such as 1 hour or more) then it is then possible for a GRIDlink that has been disconnected to execute the command upon reconnection. This might be unexpected by the user and result in an unwanted output.