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VEN Fails to Register with VTN

by | Nov 22, 2022 | EPRI Test VTN-Group, Procedure Config Test VTN, troubleshooting OpenADR-Group

When setting up a new GRIDlink on the EPRI VTN

Offline in EPRI dashboard

EPRI VTN fails to register

GRIDview Status Page

VTN registration failure GRIDview status

A responseCode error will appear on the Status page when the VEN is not registered.
Refer to Error Codes – cURL / HTTP / OpenADR Compliance /

Compliance Error Code
452 Invalid ID (eventID, optID, requestID, registrationID, etc.)

Deployment Error
463 Not Registered/Authorized


Return to EPRI VTN

View/Edit > Registrations > Queue VEN Reregister


GRIDlink Remote Commands

844 Clear Local Registration

841 Send Query Party Registration

Restart Services


VEN still does not come online

Load the test VTN .ini text file from Certified Provisioning Software

Device > Files