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Opt Out of an OADR Event

by | Mar 17, 2019 | FAQ OADR-Group, OADR Use-Group

Opt Out

Opt Out allows the user to avoid participating in an Event. It is enabled through the GRIDview screen or by making a momentary contact input on Digital Input 9 (Terminal 5) on the GRIDlink. The Opt Out register can also be written to via a Modbus command as well.

When there is no Event Pending or one Active, Opt Out can be toggled ON or Off freely by any of the means described above.

When there is an Event Pending or a Moderate, High or Special Signal present the user can Opt Out and a Opt Out Event tile will appear on the screen in a few seconds.



All Event responses will cease. This cannot be reversed!


The GRIDlink will ignore any further Event updates or new Events until this Event is completed. 

Modbus commands will not override the Control Logic.

Should the user Opt In at any time while the Event is in process the Opt Out tile will disappear and the Opt Out button will indicate OFF but the GRIDlink is still Opted Out for the entirety of this Event.

  • When enabled the GRIDlink will isolate the relays from the VTN / DRES and not respond to Event signals.
  • The GRIDlink will advise the VTN in a response payload that it has Opted Out.
  • The VTN will cease to send notifications for the Event that was in effect for the GRIDlink that Opted Out.