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Opt Out of an OADR Event

by | Mar 17, 2019 | FAQ OADR-Group, OADR Procedures-Group

Opt Out

Opt Out allows the user to drop out of participating in an Event. It is enabled through the GRIDview screen. 

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GRIDview OADR Opt Out

To Opt Out

Opt Out  is enabled through the GRIDview Home screen. Opt-Out is toggled ON or Off.

When in Opt-Out the Orange Tile appears.


Opt Out – No Event

Opt-Out can be toggled ON or Off when there is no Event. It is the state of the Opt-Out bit when the Event begins that is irreversible.

When there is no Event Pending or one Active, Opt Out can be  freely.

Opt Out – Event Pending, Moderate, High

When there is an Event Pending or a Moderate, High or Special Signal present the user can Opt Out and a Opt Out Event tile will appear on the screen in a few seconds. This signals the VTN Server that the VEN has Opted-Out and the VTN will discontinue sending Event Signals even if the user toggles Opt-Out OFF.

The GRIDlink will ignore any further Event updates or new Events until this Event is completed.

Note 1

Manual Opt-Out / Opt-in

In the Manual Mode the Opt-Out button will remain ON until the user turns it OFF. This is not recommended as this Opts-Out of all future Events. Opt Out reset (Manual) is indicated in the Alarm screen with a light blue background.

GRIDview Auto Opt-In

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Automatic Opt-in

Home > Device Config

  Automatic Opt-in Midnight

This will turn OFF Opt-Out automatically at Midnight to participate in future Events.

GRIDview OADR Auto Opt-in

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With Opt-Out Reset enabled the Home page now looks like this.

Opting Out will end participation in an Event. This cannot be reversed!

Auxillary Contact

A momentary contact input on Digital Input 9 (Terminal 5) on the GRIDlink will Opt-Out at the local level.


The Opt-Out register can also be written via a Modbus command as well.

Contact Support for further details.