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GRIDview Sign Up

by | Mar 19, 2016 | GRIDview-Group

GRIDview will make the installation easy

It is recommended to contact tech support and set up the GRIDview account. This will help with diagnosis and testing. Using the Subscriptions you can add the installer’s phone number to receive alerts and test functionality before the VTN is set up. This way when the installer has successfully connected the GRIDlink, a text will be received confirming all is well. On installation day, bring a laptop and CAT5E cable to trouble shoot the network if necessary.

GRIDview Sign Up 1

Step 1.

  • Go to:
  • Simply select Sign Up and fill in the data.
  • Notify your Support Contact or send a note to: ( that you have signed up and wish to be added to your GRIDview account.

Step 2.

  • Support will Authenticate you and when verified, you will receive an invitation to setup your MFA by email.
  • Follow the Instructions.

Step 3.

  • Support will receive the Authentication and associate your GRIDlinks to your account.
  • This should happen in just a few hours but if you call 949 857-6600 and ask for support we can complete in a few minutes.