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How do User Screen Entries Work?

by | Aug 2, 2018 | FAQ GRIDview-Group, trouble shooting user interface-group

When entering data or clicking screen buttons, the screen fails to confirm the change. 
How Data Writes and Button Commands Work?

A user with “Data Writer” or “Admin” previleges can cahnge values or click command buttons. Once an entry or a button click is made, a confirmation box pops up. The user must confirm the change.

The numeric value or button state does not change until the request is received by the GRIDlink and when the register value actually change. The the confirmation is sent to GRIDview and reflected on the screen.

How can I confirm the data is being sent?

Refer to the Log File

How can I determine if the problem lies with the local network?

Refer to the QOS Trend Screen. If the communication between GRIDlink and the VTN is inconsistant then the local network is the problem. The answer is to increase the “Write Window” period in Settings.

If a command is very important such as isolating the relays through Transfer I/O, then set the “Write Window” period to 8 or even 24 hours. The command will stay in the queue until a connection is made. It is not reccomended to leave this long duration permanently.

What should I do if the QOS is good and there is no problem with the local network?

If numeric values (Integers, Longs or Floating Point) are not changing, it may be a deadband setting. See Tags

Otherwise contact tech support.