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What are the major differences between Opt Out & Transfer All?

by | Feb 25, 2019 | Alarms, FAQ OADR-Group

Transfer All

  • When enabled, the relays will respond according to Event signals from the VTN

When Disabled

  1. The installer can energize each relay individually to test the load shed without a signal from the VTN.
  2. A  signal can be sent from the VTN which can be seen in GRIDview with out shedding the actual load.
  3. The user can test control software changes without the risk of energizing relays in a live facility.

Opt Out

  • When enabled the GRIDlink will isolate the relays from the VTN/DRES and not respond to Event signals.
  • The GRIDlink will advise the VTN in a response payload that it has Opted Out.
  • The VTN will cease to send notifications for the Event that was in effect for the GRIDlink that Opted Out.

Principle Difference

Transfer All should be treated as a tool for trouble shooting and installation only. If used, the VTN would be UN-aware.

Opt Out is a participate or do not participate logic. It notifies the VTN and is irreversible if enabled during an Event.