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Create a Special Event

by | Nov 1, 2017 | EPRI Test VTN-Group

EPRI OpenADR 2.0b Virtual Top Node (VTN) open source software easily connects with GRIDlink


Only users with Admin previliges can create Events. It is a good idea to Destroy any completed Events before starting a new one.

From the Dashboard

  1. Select Events
  2. Create Event
Event Details
In Event Details

3. Modify the Start Time for the Event to begin

4. Enter the Duration in minutes

5. Select the appropriate Market Context ID “GRIDlink_test” is generally used for demonstrations but check the “dras_client.ini” file in GRIDview to make sure the settings are as follows:


A blank Market Context ID will result in the GRIDlink participating in all programs.

6. Signal Name: for a Special Event (not Simple / Level) select LOAD_CONTROL.

7. Signal Type: Select setpoint

8. Payload or Signal Value: enter a 5 digit number in accordance with the program/contract naming convention.

9. Create Event

Event Descriptor
Before Publishing

10. Select Settings

11. Add any additional variances such as Ramp up or Notification

12. Save


Assign which GRIDlinks will participate

13. Select Targets in main tabs

14. Select VENs in sub tab

15. from the drop-down

16. Select the VEN ID

17. Select Publish tab

18. Publish Event